Hire Purchase –  Hire Purchase enables you to spread the cost of the asset, giving you eventual ownership at the end of the repayment term.

We can tailor a repayment plan to suit your budget and to allow for any seasonality in your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments that allow you to budget
  • Ability to claim capital allowances on the asset
  • Minimum capital outlay
  • No VAT on monthly payments
  • Eventual ownership upon payment of an ‘option to purchase’ fee
  • Interest charges can be offset against profits for taxation

Asset refinance/Capital release – This enables you to unlock capital held in your assets. This is a simple and effective way of supporting cashflow for a growing business.


Features & Benefits

  • Injects capital into the business
  • Funds your business growth
  • Can reduce your monthly payments
  • Continued use of the asset being refinance
  • Capital raised can be used for the purchase of other assets that may not be suitable for standard hire purchase or leasing

Finance Lease – Leasing is essentially a contract between a funder and a customer that gives the customer the use of the asset in return for a rental payment over an agreed time period.

You pay regular instalments of capital, VAT and interest. At the end of the agreement you may enter a second period rental in order to keep using the machine.


Features & Benefits

  • Flexible rental patterns and lease periods
  • Minimum capital outlay
  • Ability to offset profits against rentals
  • VAT registered companies can usually reclaim VAT on rentals
  • Repayment schedule in line with income generated by the rental

Invoice discounting  & Factoring - Invoice discounting can improve your cash flow by providing an immediate injection of cash against the value of your outstanding invoices.


Features & Benefits

  • Release up to 90% of the invoice value within 24 hours
  • Full credit control service is available with factoring
  • Confidentiality is available with invoice discounting